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A fly on the wall report

17th May 2022

[from the evo endo training day in March: Shake up your shaping]

(Not literally a fly of course but a supplier and big fan of of evo endo AND hugely interested in the training event that was taking place)

Arriving at etc venue in Chancery Lane I rang the buzzer and a lovely lady showed me to the training room. The thing about etc is it that is super stylish but in a warm, inviting way. There is lots to look at and at once I knew this was a great venue for an endodontic training event.

The training room was a good size, light and airy, with the training area made up of desks in a horseshoe layout, all piled up with practical and interesting equipment. A small team from Coltene had come along to lend a hand and also brought some excellent tools which helped to make the event incredibly practical and hands-on.

The group listened to Dhiraj as he walked them through the session’s content. The atmosphere was friendly, informal and it felt very much like a workshop as the delegates listened, made notes and used the equipment in front of them.

Using camera-to-screen technology Dhiraj shared his practical skills with the room. As he worked he explained what he was doing, the exercise was projected to the large screen, and the group was able to work alongside this demonstration. Once this section was finished, Dhiraj worked his way round the room, helping and answering questions as the delegates perfected what they had been shown. During this practical time there was gentle music playing in the background which created a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. 

When lunch was announced I knew everyone was focused and completely engrossed as no one left the room for ages! Lunch was held in the main restaurant area and was perfect – just the right amount of fresh, healthy brain food with some comforting hot options as well. This was chased down with similar options of fresh fruit, cheese and/or creamy desserts. All absolutely delicious.

This was a good opportunity for everyone – Dhiraj, his wife Simrith, the team from Coltene and the delegates to talk and get to know each other a little better. It was also a good chance for the delegates to ask Dhiraj questions away from the training room. It’s hard to speak up sometimes so these break-out sessions are for more than eating and drinking.

The afternoon followed a very similar path – lots of demonstrations, insightful knowledge, top tips and much practising of  skills. 

The team agreed that the afternoon tea provided by etc was probably a little too much so soon after lunch so, with this valuable feedback, the evo endo team decided to move that to the end of the session for the next time so tea, cakes and questions will round off the day beautifully. 

In all, this fly on the wall was super impressed and found the day to be full of content, highly practical and all within a great, central London venue where we all felt taken care of. Recommend.

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